#FreeInterrail is first and foremost the result of many people working together. Maintaining and extending this network is one of our primary goals, as we believe that we will need a broad alliance of individuals and organizations from all over Europe coming together and displaying a shared demand for #FreeInterrail to become reality.  This page features some of the individuals and organizations that we are in touch with regarding the proposal and/or campaign.  If you, too, want to support #FreeInterrail you can sign the petition or, if you are part of an organization, get in touch so we can figure out how to work together and list you here as a supporter.

Manfred Weber (Member of European Parliament, Chair, European People's Party)

“#FreeInterrail is a terrific idea that connects people in Europe and enables them to explore and learn about our continent. Get involved and support this project so that an idea can become reality. #DiscoverEU“

Rebecca Harms (Member of European Parliament, Alliance ’90/The Greens)

“Herr & Speer’s #FreeInterRail Initiative deserves my full support. The intention is to bring young Europeans together. Thinking of my own Interrail experience, I am convinced that for young citizens it is still today a great way to discover an always changing Europe.“

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (Member of German Parliament, FDP, former Vice President of the European Parliament)

“The Interrail ticket can help to inspire young Europeans for this continent.“

István Ujhelyi (Member of European Parliament, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Deputy Chair, TRAN Committee)

“This unique initiative isn’t merely about a free train ride. It targets to open up new horizons for our youth, to deepen integration, to enhance intercultural communication. As the mentor of the project my priority is to empower those young people who could not otherwise have the chance to travel in Europe.“

Jens Spahn (German Federal Minister of Health, and Member of German Parliament, CDU)

“Experiencing Europe – anyone who has had the pleasure of having this freedom knows why Europe is so precious. Could there be any better present for your 18th birthday?“

Ulrike Guérot (Political Thinker, Director of the European Democracy Lab)

“The European Interrail ticket is the best education for future European citizens. You have to know each other in order to live together in a European community. What could be better than a free train ticket that allows young people to travel Europe for a month to to explore and experience all corners and cultures of this continent first hand? You are not afraid of someone you know. Europe – that is true curiosity!“

Michael Cramer (Member of European Parliament, Alliance ’90/The Greens)

“Put Europe’s youth on a European track, on the Interrail track through Europe!“

Anne Rolvering (Managing Director, Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa, Berlin)

“At Schwarzkopf, we believe in the transformative power of traveling. That’s why we support #FreeInterrail as a project that opens young people the door to Europe.“

André Schmitz-Schwarzkopf (Chairman, Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa, Berlin)

“#FreeInterrail is a great idea. It is simple, effective, and addresses the right group: young Europeans.“

Doris Wagner (Politician, Alliance '90/The Greens)

“#FreeInterrail: Encounters are the first steps towards mutual understanding; and that’s good for Europe.“

Brando Benifei (Member of European Parliament, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats)

The #freeinterrail proposal sparked very interesting discussions among civil society and non-governmental organisations, but also within the institutional channels of the EU. I strongly support this campaign as well as the idea behind a #freeinterrail pass for European youth!

Gesine Schwan (political scientist, professor, former candidate for Federal President of Germany)

„European unity lives on personal encounters and shared experiences of people across borders. Only those who meet other people personally can overcome prejudices and national divides. The #FreeInterrail idea offers all young Europeans the possibility to get to know Europe up close and learn to cherish it. Europe needs visionary ideas like this in order to prevail in the future.“

Paul Ziemiak (Member of German Parliament and Chairman, Junge Union Deutschlands)

„To understand Europe you need to travel through the member countries, experience different cultures and meet other young Europeans. Nothing gets you closer to Europe than #FreeInterrail.“

Pietro De Matteis (Vice-President, Stand Up For Europe)
„The first time I felt European is while travelling. The first time I felt a European citizen is when I realised to have rights in Europe. Every youngster should have the opportunity to become aware and enjoy those rights as well as to get to know the people he/she may study with, work with, do politics with or simply love.“
Sophie Karmasin (Federal Minister for Family and Youth in Austria)

„Every young person should be able to experience Europe in all its diversity. That’s why I am campaigning for an Interrail ticket for all European youth.“


Peter Tauber (Member of German Parliament and former General Secretary of CDU)

„#FreeInterrail can lay the foundation for a deeper understanding and for an enlarged cultural diversity in Europe. Only those who travel are able to experience their neighbors, the EU, and in fact all of Europe first-hand and thus get to appreciate and love it.“